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Wilson Cleaning Leeds - Testimonials

Testimonial - Client 1

Client 1
How client-friendly did you find Wilsons office staff?
When Wilsons surveyed the job were we prosessional and informative?
How client-friendly did you find our Wilson Technicians?
How good was our time-keeping?
How well presented were our Wilson Technicians?
How courteous, friendly, helpful and informative were our Wilson Technicians?
Did Wilsons clean your carpets and upholstery and leave them looking as beautiful as we said we would? Yes
Is there any way you would suggest that Wilsons might improve or change the way that we operate? No
Do you have any further comments about the Wilson service? I was suprised & pleased just how quickly & with very little fuss & upheavel the job was completed.
Client Details. Mr Keen, Churwell, Leeds. July 2013